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Learning To Play a Handpan Like a Pro

Learning To Play a Handpan Like a Pro

Did you grab a Handpan Musical Instrument for Sale and are now wondering how to play it? Here are a few basic things to know to start your musical journey and sources from where you can learn how to play this instrument.

It Is Easy to Learn

One good thing about the Handpan Musical Instrument for Sale is that, unlike other musical instruments, it is pretty easy to learn to play this unique musical instrument that looks like a UFO. You may be an experienced musician or someone who knows nothing about music, but playing a handpan does not need intense training.

This is because there are only a few specific tones to consider while playing the handpan. The rest is done by the strategic design of this unique and in-tune instrument. Ideally, in simple words, while playing a handpan, it is hard to hit any wrong note. This means you will hardly feel demotivated or less enthusiastic even if you are playing ‘just any note’ on it.

However, when you play it quickly, it sounds more pleasant.

Visit Handpan Workshops

You will learn to play a Handpan Musical Instrument for Sale easily and quickly from the workshops. Most of these workshops offer short and simple learning sessions. However, you may also go for more intense musical tours. These tours often range anywhere from 3 to 7 days.

It is better to go for longer workshops because of several good reasons, such as:

  • You can learn more
  • You can try different types of handpans to play
  • You can learn to perform solo and
  • You can learn to perform in groups.

In short, you will have overall knowledge and progress through the workshops of longer durations.

Online Sources

You can also learn to play Handpan Musical Instrument for Sale online. This is, in fact, a popular way for beginners to learn. You will come across a lot of videos and tutorials created by some of the experts in the musical industry having a sea of knowledge.

Talking and explaining every note, frequency, and effect of every hit on the metal dome, these tutorials will help you a lot more than the basics. You will know about the intricate details so that you can improvise while playing the instrument. This will pave your way to becoming a professional in the industry someday. The well-organized videos will help you learn to play the instrument quickly and easily.


Playing a handpan is not very difficult since you will not need to learn several notes and complex permutations and combinations of them. There are only a few particular notes involved in playing a handpan. Even if it is your first time, you will be able to produce the most exquisite sound. Ideally, the feel matters most, which largely depends on the scale, frequency, and texture of the material used to make your handpan. And the pleasure quotient will depend on how fast you can play different notes on the instrument.


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