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A Few Important Facts About Handpan

A Few Important Facts About Handpan

A handpan, as the name signifies, is a musical instrument played by hands. It is usually made of steel and has a unique structure, resembling a UFO. There are two elliptical domes made from metal sheets. Fitted one on top of another, the Handpan for Sale forms a resonant chamber.

A Brief Overview

Compared to other ancient musical instruments, a Handpan for Sale is comparatively new to the world of musical instruments. However, there are lots of followers and fans who like the unique, mystic, and meditative sound of the handpan. Creating a Handpan for Sale is not easy. It takes a lot of time and craftsmanship to ensure precision in its build and sound quality.

The History

The Handpan for Sale can be traced back to Trinidad and Tobago. It resembles the drum instruments used there in the 1940s. Therefore, the distinctive sound of the handpan is essentially more Caribbean. The concept is relatively new, dating back to 2001. PANArt, a decade-old steel pan manufacturer in Bern, Switzerland, received a request from Reto Weber, a musician, to create an instrument like a steel drum that could be played by hands and not mallets. They called it ‘Hang,’ having a phonetic resemblance to ‘hand.’

This instrument became quite popular in 2007.

Working Principle

Usually, a handpan emits a melodious sound created by the vibrating air and steel. Built painstakingly by hand and a hammer, the metal sheet is manipulated precisely so that three separate frequencies are created but are aligned strategically. This helps in generating a more melodious note.

However, every handpan may not emit the same sound quality because every piece is created separately by hand. So, the frequencies may differ but will resemble the three important ones, namely:

  • Fundamental
  • Octave and
  • Compound fifth.

The precision depends on the hammering, which is done and administered carefully by skillful workers.

The Unique Sound

The sound of the handpan is a work of art related to acoustics. It involves sympathetic vibrations and repeated frequencies of notes. This results in a rich sound, almost like a chorus, making it unique.

The qualities of the sound can be described as:

  • Serene
  • Relaxing
  • Meditative

It will fill the space where the instrument is played.

Depending on the design of the handpans, a variety of sounds of different tonal ranges can be created, all equally joyful, inviting, and very personal.

Making a Handpan

You can build a handpan of your own, given that you do not need a lot of material to make it.

However, you will need to follow specific steps for it, such as:

  • Hammer metal steel into the shape of a bowl
  • Use fire for heat treatments for stress relief and color
  • Hammer it again to align the three frequencies harmonically
  • Glue the two bowls together
  • Retune the pan.


A Handpan is a quite popular musical instrument today. It can produce a unique sound that helps in soothing minds. You can create your handpan provided you know how to align different frequencies.


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