Frequently Asked Questions

What can I get from your website?

This is the flagship store of AS TEMAN. We offer handpans currently starting from $460 with a carry bag, gift set, and fast free shipping. You can get a handpan with high quality and unique artistic design at a fair and affordable price here, together with AS TEMAN® 1 Year Warranty, 7-day Free Money-back, and considerate pre-&post-sales customer service. We are your ultimate choice.

Can you ensure good quality as the price is so low?

We have experienced tuning techniques and extraordinary craftsmanship. World-leading unique and trendy designs make our handpans more diverse to show one's personality. Tuning confirmation of every handpan before shipment and cooperation with reliable worldwide couriers for express delivery ensure our instruments arrive fast and safely in your hand. Our initial aspiration is to make everyone who loves handpan meet the sound of the soul. For this reason, we provide fair and affordable prices as well as free shipping.

Is there a waiting list?

All popular styles of our D minor handpans and all the steel tongue drums are always available for shipment. We send the instruments in stock right away once you order. For the custom scale handpans, we need 4-7 days to hand-make and prepare the shipment for you as soon as possible.

Can I request a custom handpan scale?

We have common custom scales of 8 notes, 9 notes, and 10 notes handpans. You can choose custom colors and patterns too. Click here to see details. If the scale you are looking for is not listed on this page, please contact us to see if it’s available.

What’s your shipping area?

We ship our instruments all over the world via UPS, EMS, FedEx and DHL, etc.

How much does shipping cost and how long does it take?

Shipping is completely free for all instruments. It normally takes 7-14 days to deliver. Delays may occur due to the impact of COVID-19. Your understanding is highly appreciated.

For more shipping details, please read our Shipping Policy.

Do you double-check the tuning before shipment?

We always double-check all the tuning before shipment. If you are still worried after placing an order, feel free to contact us for a video to confirm before shipment.

Where can I hear the sound of the handpans?

You can watch the videos on every Product Detail Page or our Youtube Channel,  Subscribe to us and we'll keep updating more beautiful music and songs playing by our handpans.

Are your handpans safely packaged for long-distance shipping?

We use a 24’’ x 24’’ x 15’’ corrugated box with up and down two reinforced Styrofoam pads specially designed for the whole gift set. The carry bag is placed as a buffer at the bottom. We make full use of the space to ensure there is no movement inside the box. After all, the box is sealed with high-quality tape, and a fragile sticker is placed on top of it.

What’s included in your Gift Set?

1 x Black rubber edge

1 x Pair of drumsticks

1 x Carry Bag

1 x Handpan stand (random color)

1 x Dust-free cloth

1 x Maintenance instruction

Do you have hard cases available for the AS TEMAN handpan?

Yes! We offer protective PVC transparent hard bags now. Shop here.

What's your Refund and Returns policy?

If you are dissatisfied with our instruments and ask for a refund and return, please contact us within 7 days after receiving the instruments. 

Please note that minor scratches and hammer marks are normal phenomena during manual tuning, and the problem of marks and uneven color after nitriding is also difficult to avoid. Each handcrafted handpan is unique, these should not be the reason for a refund and return.

If you suspect the handpan you received is out-of-tune although we are confident with our quality control, please use the included drumsticks to tap the notes gently and use the professional handpan tuning software "Linotune" (available online) to test the tune, and take a video for us to confirm.

We cannot accept refunds for human-caused marks, scratches, bumps, or any other damage after receipt.

For more details, see Refund Policy.

What should I do to preserve my handpan in good condition? 

  1. Wear a side strip for the handpan, such as a black rubber edge and braided rope.
  1. Play handpan on your legs, futon or handpan stand to avoid directly touching the ground.
  1. DO NOT let your handpan touch with corrosive liquids such as detergents.
  1. Keep it away from fire. DO NOT expose it to a severe cold but keep it in the carry bag.
  1. Store the handpan in a dry and ventilated place to avoid moisture.
  1. When playing, avoid bumps, rings, or long fingernails scratching the surface.
  1. Hand sweat may cause the handpan to rust. Dry the surface with a dust-free cloth with/without alcohol after playing. Apply protective oil once a week.
  1. When not playing, store the handpan in a safe place, away from children.
  1. DO NOT place it in a high place to prevent accidental falling.

Will the temperature change affect the tuning of the handpan?

Average room temperature variations have little effect on the tuning of the handpan. DO NOT expose your handpan to direct sunlight or leave it in a car under the hot sun for a long time. DO NOT place your handpan in a severe cold environment. If the temperature is too low in winter, please store it inside the carry bag.

What if my handpan goes out of tune?

If you play your handpan correctly without using excessive force and carefully store it when it's not being played to avoid accidental dropping. It's very unlikely to go out of tune on its own.

Over long periods of 2-5 years, your instrument may shift in tune slightly. To be noticed, mostly all of the notes on an aged handpan will typically shift together which means that your handpan may not be perfectly in tune to 440 Hz or 432Hz, but will still be in tune with itself (all notes together) and will sound fine to a hobby player.

By then, if you would like to re-tune your handpan to perfect 440 Hz or 432 Hz, you can send it back to us. You would be responsible for all shipping costs and a small re-tune fee. Contact us for a shipping label.

What if my handpan needs repairing?

If your instrument is damaged by denting or dropping at shoulder or waist height, in most circumstances we will be able to repair it for you. However, if you’ve dropped it from a building height or out of a moving car, unfortunately, we can not repair it for you. 

If your handpan needs and can be repaired, please take detailed photos of the damage and make a video of what it sounds like. Contact us for a later process. You would be responsible for all shipping costs and a small re-tune fee. And we can not make sure to you how long this process would take. Please take good care of your instrument.

Where can I find more information about AS TEMAN® handpan?

If you have any other questions regarding the AS TEMAN handpan that are not answered here, please contact us.