Universe Series

The Universe series is AS TEMAN Handpan's most popular and globally renowned collection. This series draws its design inspiration from the vast universe, encompassing numerous galaxies and celestial bodies. It features AS TEMAN's exclusive design concepts, industry-leading heat treatment technology, and advanced sound field modeling expertise. Coupled with intriguing names, unique appearances, vibrant colors (which we refer to as the instrument's skin), high-quality materials, and captivating sound tuning, each instrument embodies our core philosophy: "One Handpan, One Soul." Every instrument tells its own vivid story, making each one an irreplaceable companion and a marvelous soul, serving as an expression and vessel of personal emotions.

The inception of the Universe series is also deeply connected to energy crystals. Each color combination carries unique meanings and emotional aspirations, subtly woven into our design.

Players and fans have various reasons for their affection towards this series. Among the bestsellers, for instance, some are drawn to the ethereal and healing sound of "Black Hole," reminiscent of the echoes of the universe. Others appreciate the nostalgic beauty of "Stars," akin to stars falling into a jade plate. The "Comet," with its purple tail complementing its silver-white body, evokes the image of a graceful maiden. Similarly, "Meteor" streaks across the deep blue night sky, breaking through despair and illuminating golden dreams, making "dreams popular."

In summary, if you wish to hear the "sound of the universe," choosing an instrument from the Universe series is perfect!

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