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What qualities should be there in the best handpan for beginners?

What qualities should be there in the best handpan for beginners?

Choosing the Best handpan for beginners is the most challenging thing ever because there are many things to consider. There are many things to consider, like what instrument you should have. Should you start with the cheap options or the most branded ones? What size of handpan do you want, and how easily can you play that? So, all these questions might overwhelm you sometimes, but there is nothing to worry about. Today we are going to reveal the qualities that should be there in your handpan.

Qualities you should search in your first handpan:

  •     Find a well-built handpan: Before you step into the market for a handpan, you need to find an instrument built and shaped perfectly. This is the initial step because if the handpan is not tuned the right way, it won't be perfect for you. Generally, the handpans are built with confound harmonies and octave tunes to withstand tough conditions.
  •     Choose the right scale: Are you with the right high-quality instrument? Before deciding which handpan to buy, you should be convinced by the scaling. Generally, the handpans are available in three scales: the natural Minor Scale, Major Scale, and Exotic Scale. Buy a handpan that suits your purpose & taste.
  •     Choose your Steel: Now it's time to focus on the type of steel you should choose. Not all steel types are the same. So, just like the guitars, the handpans can be made with different types of steel. Each steel has its pros and cons. So, the most popular steel types are Raw Steel, Nitrided Steel, and Stainless Steel. So, before you pick anyone, don't forget the listen to the sound.
  •     Decide the number of notes: The last step of finding the beginner handpan is how many notes you want on the handpan. Decide how you want them to be laid out! Do you want to try something that feels traditional layout or Western or modern handpans? The best thing you can do is consult with the handpan builder. By consulting with them, you can get some insight into the options & which might be the ideal choice for you.

Nowadays, you can find a range of handpan makers who are experienced and knowledgeable. There are widely known instruments that are accessible to the users and they can customize it based on your need.

Before you search for the Best handpan for beginners, check who they are & what qualities of work they are serving. It is always recommended to buy a brand that has passionate & specialized manufacturers in their team. Choosing a manufacturer with a range of notes, Steel, and scale handpans can make your work easier! Just trust your ears, head, and fingers & go for it!



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