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Magic Of Handpan Music For Healing

Magic Of Handpan Music For Healing

Magic Of Handpan Music For Healing

Handpan is a musical instrument that is rare in nature but produces music that can mesmerize you. When you look at a handpan for the first time, it might appear like a wok or shell of a turtle. Handpan has a lenticular structure. Interestingly, every handpan is handcrafted differently, so each one is unique. A handpan looks like two steel bowls are attached, but it is not like that; they are tuned to get that musical scale.

History of Handpan Music

We can consider the handpan as the newest musical instrument. The Hang drum, invented in 2000, evolved into a handpan. Felix Rohner is the person, or we can say the first prominent one to play this unique musical instrument. If we try to trace the idea or inspiration of handpan, it is traceable from steel drums in Trinidad and Tobago, Udu of North Africa, and Ghatam from India. Another interesting fact is the manufacturers wanted to maintain a rarity, so they did not produce it in large numbers. People had to wait for a long period to get a handpan.

Curious to know what a Handpan sounds like

If you listen to the sound of handpan music, it is unique, and you will not be able to compare its sound with anything you have heard before. To some people, the sound of a handpan may feel relaxing like while doing meditation. In contrast, some might find it a bit haunting and very mischievous. The sound of a handpan seems joyful to most people. The tone of the handpan might be complex, yet it invites people and gains attention. Handpan produces soft and ambient tones if played by using both hands.

How Handpan Music helps to heal through sound therapy?

Handpan music holds a lot of importance in the world of sound healing. Possession of high resonance and capability of emitting sound in every direction makes the room recharged with pulse and resonance. When the handpans emit soft sounds, it can help a person to let go of tension and other stress by sending signals to the brain that it can relax safely.

Why should you use Handpan Music during yoga?

Handpan music is very much preferred during relaxation and meditation. The sound of the handpan has a very healing effect, and listening to its sound can make a person forget the surroundings and moment.

To conclude

If you are indulged in yoga or any other type of relaxation, then the handpan is a must-have instrument for you. For musicians looking for an intriguing instrument to play, the handpan can be a great choice. So, get yourself a handpan and enjoy the benefits it offers!


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