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Things You Should Look For While Buying A Hang Drum

Things You Should Look For While Buying A Hang Drum

Things You Should Look For While Buying A Hang Drum

Nowadays, many people are moving to buy hang instruments, and the craze is rapidly spreading worldwide. Many music stores offer to hang instruments at the lowest price. The online stores are filled with multiple hang instruments, so it would be tough to find the best one if you are a novice. When buying a hang instrument, there are certain things to consider; if you have bought a hang instrument from the local dealer without proper checking, you might end up with an instrument that never allows you to have fun. Therefore, before buying, you should ask for all the information from the retailer. Ask questions regarding the instrument and its return policies.

The thing to consider before buying a hang instrument:

Before buying a hang instrument, you should look at who’s the manufacturer and what’s the rating. You should also ask for the sound sample if you buy it from a local store. Even some online stores also offer sound testing through audio and videos. Here are some more facts to follow for the right usage of handpan:

  • Avoid the heat: You should keep the hung instruments away from the sunlight. Do not leave it outside the excessive exposure to sunlight. It can become very hot and affect the sound quality. If you forget to keep it inside and the hang instrument heats up, bring it to the room temperature.
  • Use only fingers: Some people use instruments through their fingers only. Do not play with any other object and only use your fingers.
  • Avoid wetness: If you have a handpan, you should protect it from humidity and moisture. Even the manufacturers also suggest not to store this in a damp cellar. If it wets, then try to damp it and dry it quickly. To protect the hung instruments from rust, use oil on them.
  • Don’t put on many pieces of jewelry: Don’t put so many rings and watches or bangles and bracelets while playing these hanging instruments.
  • Store in the right way: Do not store these hanging instruments in the bag. Only use a transportation bag. You should give proper maintenance to the hang instruments. Never place the hung instruments on the floor.
  • Sound: The hang instruments are mostly made with steel, and therefore, when the temperature changes, the sound differ. When it colds, the tome of hang materials becomes higher, and in warm temperatures, the tone will become dull.

Apart from these, you should also check the chords and structure of the hang instrument while buying it online/offline. For a better choice, move to the online platforms and share your reviews.


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