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Things To Know If You Are Looking For A Handpan Near Me

Things To Know If You Are Looking For A Handpan Near Me

Things To Know If You Are Looking For A Handpan Near Me

Have you ever seen anyone playing a handpan? If you are not so familiar with this instrument, this is a convex steel drum. It is played with the help of hands. A handpan has multiple notes for tuning. Major, Mixolydian, harmonic minor, etc., are different scales in which a handpan can be scaled, making every handpan different. If you want an instrument capable of creating multiple layers of sound and ethereal effects, this instrument is for you. This instrument is also very compatible with drone instruments.

What Is The Origin Of The Handpan?

It is estimated that it was invented in the year 2001. The invention took place in Switzerland and was done by a small company. If you are looking for a handpan near me, you can quickly get it in any instrument shop or an online store.

How Do You Play A Handpan?

First, you have to rest it on your lap. If we observe closely, we can see musicians mostly playing it by hand instead of using mallets. You can make it sound like bells or steel pans that are in tune harmonically and even a harp. Different types of sounds are produced based on how you play the top side.

Where Can We Find Notes In The Handpan?

You can find it in the tone circle, lying in a cross pattern. The notes are arranged in ascending order so that the person playing can control them by striking the tone field using both hands alternatively.

Look For These Things Whenever You Search For Handpan

When you find a handpan near me, make sure you pay attention to the things listed below:

See if the handpan is tuned correctly; especially check this in case of second-hand purchases. Check the sound of the handpan and decide whether you like it. Look if the handpan can maintain its sound when playing a single note. No matter what note you prefer, you should check if the quality of all the notes is the same. The less the crosstalk of a handpan, the better its quality. Make sure you can play it in both styles, i.e., soft and strong. Also, the harmonics should be precise.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Getting Handpan

When the thought comes to your mind that you have got your ideal handpan near you, ask these questions yourself before buying it:

  • Whether you like the timber of it.
  • If the dynamic range is wide.
  • If the crosstalk is too much for you.
  • Whether you can vary your style in it.

You are all set to get your handpan instrument and create music!


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