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Handpan vs Hang drum - Solving The Biggest Confusion

Handpan vs Hang drum - Solving The Biggest Confusion

The handpans are the relatively trending instruments that captivate the listener. This instrument is getting more popular day by day because of the magical sound it creates. It doesn't look interesting just because of the look, but the hang drum for sale also looks classy through its look. These look like the small UFOs of the Middle Ages. Undoubtedly, the handpan is getting more popular daily, but many people still get confused between the handpan and the hang drum. 

This is not the case for people who are already familiar with the instrument market but for those who are stepping into this industry. In recent years, the world of handpan has become popular, and by considering the popularity and confusion, we have decided to bring up some points that make both of them different.

What are the inequalities between handpan & hang drum?

So, there is nothing or any difference between the handpan, hang, hang drum, pantam, space drum, and metal drum. These are just the alternative names, but the working criteria are the same. These are the names that people nowadays use to term the handpan. The word handpan is mostly used in the countries like America, Europe & Israel & Pantam.

The handpans are melodic instruments that are built on steel. These mostly belong to the idiophone instrument family. Officially it is named handpan, but over the last 20 years, people have given this different name than you confused. Just because this instrument looks and is played like a drum, it is called a hang drum. Do you want to buy a hang drum for sale? But before that, let's find out how to make the right decision.

What should you buy, Handpan or Hangdrum?

As we cleared earlier, there is no difference between the Handpan & Hnagdrum, so both are the same. Because the Handpans are a traditional instrument, the number of manufacturers is limited; this is why the price rises. These are sold in the instrument store at a very high cost. However, you can choose one per the wide range of notes and techniques. Handpans are produced nowadays with better techniques.

You can find a wide range of handpans with a wider range of notes. The material and the sonic qualities of handpans are better than the Hangs. The basic cost of a handpan starts from the range of $800. This price will vary depending on the brand and its qualities.

If you want to buy the most professional range of Handpan, the cost may go up to $6000. You can pick the range of handpans starting from the 7 notes to 30 notes. It can be made of stainless steel, nitrided steel & ember steel in different sizes. The user has all the accessibility to order the custom-made hang drums. So, look for the best online stores & grab the hang drum for sale offer to find the ideal one.


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