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Can I Travel With My Handpan Everywhere?

Can I Travel With My Handpan Everywhere?

Are you planning a vacation where you want to travel with your handpan? But don’t know if the handpan bag you are currently looking to travel with would be accommodated on the plane or would be allowed to take it together with you.

Then, this article would be just for you because we have put together some solutions that could help you carry your handpan bag anywhere you desire without facing any hassle or issues.

  • As carry-on luggage on the plane

For instance, if you are looking to carry your handpan bag with you most of the flight time, then in most cases, it would be allowed if you possess a small or medium-sized that would not create any problem for other passengers on the flight.

However, you could face issues with customs if you are carrying a large bag that is taking up a lot of space in the luggage area and causing problems with the other passenger's placement of items.

  • Fitting it into the plane cabin compartment

Many of the passengers believe that handpans bags would not be able to fit into the cabin compartments and the customs also try to discourage you by saying the same. Tell them you know the bags will fit in the compartments if that is the case.

Most short-distance flights can fit in large bags, but if you are traveling long distances, you might face issues trying to communicate that with the service available on the plane.

  • Getting checked in with your handpan luggage

Now, the biggest question whenever you decide to travel with your handpan luggage in flight would be whether you will get accepted and adequately checked in for the flight. That is to say; you have to feel pressure about missing your flight; all you need to do is. Organize your luggage correctly by placing a rigid and robust cover over the handpan and ensuring you carry a small bag for getting deported to the oversized luggage section.

  • Accommodating more than one handpan bags

What if you possess more than one handpans and are looking to travel with all of them? Then, the situation could get a whole lot trickier than the other issues you could be facing, as mentioned above.

Try to travel through large airlines or less crowded ones where the crew usually accepts your situation and allows you to travel with more than one handpan bag as required.


Want to spend the most incredible vacation with your traveling companion handpan and not face any issues regarding traveling to that place through the skies? Then, hopefully, after reading the above article, we have been able to clear out some doubts and confusion in your mind.


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