Tambour à langue en acier AS TEMAN | Tambour réservoir de la série Starry Sky pour le yoga et la méditation avec coffret cadeau | Plusieurs tailles noires

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Taille: Black
Notes: 11 Notes
23 exemplaires disponibles

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AS TEMAN Steel Tongue Drum Starry Sky Series: Black

Two types are available:

  • 12 inches 11 Notes
  • 12 inches 13 Notes

Material: Steel-titanium alloy (corrosion-resistant)

Process: External heat treatment

Application: Yoga education; Meditation training; Family time; Outdoor entertainment


  • Good sound: The steel tongue drum integrates modern technology, sound theory, and innovative design to make you feel comfortable.
  • Hand-made: Manual tuning is made to ensure accurate tone. The sound is more full and ethereal with unique square tongues.
  • Stable: The drum is stable with the silicone foot pads during performance. The pads are durable, non-slip, and shockproof.
  • Fine spray-painted: The drum is hand-polished. It has fine spray painting and a first-class texture.


  • 1 x Pair of drumsticks
  • 1 x Pair of playing rings
  • 1 x Tutorial book
  • 1 x Scale sticker
  • 1 x Bag

If you need personalized lettering on your steel tongue drum, please leave a note at checkout.

Taille: Black
Notes: 11 Notes

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My first AS TEMAN handpan - Comet from The Universe Series

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Maintenance Instruction

  • Wear a side strip for the handpan, such as black rubber edge and braided rope.
  • Play handpan on your legs, futon or handpan stand to avoid directly touching the ground.
  • When playing, avoid bumps, rings or long fingernails scratching the surface.
  • DO NOT place it in a high place to prevent accidental falling.
  • Keep it away from fire. DO NOT expose it to a severe cold but keep it in the carry bag.
  • Store the handpan in a dry and ventilated place to avoid moisture.
  • Do not expose the instrument to sunlight.
  • DO NOT let your handpan touch with corrosive liquids such as detergents.
  • Hand sweat may cause the handpan to rust. Dry the surface with dust-free cloth with/without achohol after playing. Apply protective oil once a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I get from AS TEMAN?

This is the flagship store of AS TEMAN. We offer handpans currently starting from $460 with carry bag, gift set and fast free shipping. You can get a handpan with high quality and unique artistic design in a fair and affordable price here, together with AS TEMAN® 1 Year Warranty, 7-day Free Money-back and considerate pre-&post-sales customer service. We are definitely your ultimate choice.

Can you ensure good quality as the price is so low?

We have experienced tuning techniques and extraordinary craftsmanship.World leading unique and trendy designs make our handpans more diverse to show one's personality. Tuning confirmation of every handpan before shipment and cooperations with reliable worldwide couriers for express delivery ensure our instruments to arrive fast and safely in your hand. Our initial aspiration is to make everyone who loves handpan meet the sound of the soul. For this reason, we provide fair and affordable price as well as free shipping.

Is there a waiting list?

All popular styles of our D minor handpans and all the steel tongue drums are always available for shipment. We send the instruments in stock right away once you order. For thecustom scalehandpans, we need 4-7 days to hand-make and prepare the shipment for you as soon as possible.

Can I request a custom handpan scale?

We have common custom scales of 8 notes, 9 notes and 10 notes handpans. You can choose custom colors and patterns too. Click here to see details. If the scale you are looking for is not listed on this page, please contact us to see if it’s available.

What’s included in your Gift Set?

1 x Black rubber edge

1 x Pair of drumsticks

1 x Carry Bag

1 x Handpan stand (random color)

1 x Dust-free cloth

1 x Maintenance instruction

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