AS TEMAN® Garantie 1 an

We offer AS TEMAN® 1 one-year warranty for all our instruments (limited to instruments purchased in this flagship store/website) and a 7d free money-back policy, see Refunds and Returns.

Friendly reminder:

Please double-check that the instrument is in good condition upon receipt.

Handle your lovely instrument with more care. Here are some tips for you:

  1. Wear a side strip for the handpan, such as a black rubber edge and braided rope.
  2. Play handpan on your legs, futon or handpan stand to avoid directly touching the ground.
  3. DO NOT let your handpan touch with corrosive liquids such as detergents.
  4. Keep it away from fire. DO NOT expose it to a severe cold environment.
  5. Store the handpan in a dry and ventilated place to avoid moisture.
  6. When playing, avoid bumps, rings, or long fingernails scratching the surface.
  7. Hand sweat may cause rust of handpan. Dry the surface with a dust-free cloth after playing. Apply protective oil once a week.
  8. When not playing, store the handpan in a safe place, away from children.
  9. DO NOT place it in a high place to prevent accidental failure.

If your instrument has problems within 1 year, such as slight bumps, man-caused out of tune, etc., AS TEMAN® 1 Year Warranty provides you with:

Free Tuning/Repair Service: If within 1 year your handpan is seriously out of tune due to improper operation, or it has bumps affecting normal performance, you can send the handpan back to our headquarters in China. We will provide you with FREE tuning and maintenance services. Note that the shipping costs incurred during this process will be borne by you.

Preferential Exchange Service: If within 1 year your handpan is seriously out of tune due to improper operation, or it has bumps affecting normal performance, you can exchange for a brand new one at a preferential price. The specific price depends on the scale and style as well as the degree of damage. The shipping cost for sending the brand new one will be borne by us.

If you need these services, please contact us for more details.

Note that:

It is possible for the long-time playing or environmental factors to cause a slight out of tune of the handpan, and in most cases it will automatically recover if it’s back to the normal condition. As long as it does not affect the normal performance, we do not recommend overly anxious repairs and replacements. Proper maintenance is the only correct way to extend the lifespan of handpans.

Minor scratches and hammer marks are normal phenomena during manual tuning, and the problem of marks and uneven color after nitriding is also difficult to avoid. Each handcrafted handpan is unique, these should not be the reason for a repair or exchange.

If your instrument is damaged by denting or dropping at shoulder or waist height, in most circumstances we will be able to repair it for you. However, if you’ve dropped it from a building height or out of a moving car, we recommend you exchange it for a new one at a preferential price.