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Why Handpan Cost So Expensive And How To Determine The Right Price?

Why Handpan Cost So Expensive And How To Determine The Right Price?

Have you ever gone through the market of handpan, or is this your first time? Are you shocked after witnessing the handpan cost? Generally, the ideal cost of a handpan ranges from $1,200 to $3,500. Does it sound so much expensive to you? Well, the market for handpan is wide, and you can find the one that suits your taste & budget. So, let's check out some cheaper options for handpan & try to determine why it is worth buying!

Why does the handpan cost sound so expensive?

  • The huge number of steps to build: Making a handpan takes so much time! Do you know how long it takes to build a handpan from start to finish? It can take at least 2 to 3 months. To build a handpan, there are many steps, and some of them are: shaping the shells, pressing the notes, sending them to third-party for nitriding, rough-tuning the instrument, applying hefty heat treatments, gluing shells together, polishing, & fine-tuning the handpan, Let's check some more challenges which keep the price of handpan high:
  • Supply & Demand: The demand for handpan is impressive, and that's why there is a huge improvement in the supply. The supply and demand of the product also raise the price, and this is what happens in the case of a handpan. You can buy a handpan from any music store, but the thing is, there are a limited number of manufacturers who build an impressive and quality range of handpan. There is a huge difference in the number of manufacturers and the customer, which creates a price gap.
  • Shipping Fees, Customs Fees, VAT: When purchasing a handpan, it may include an additional cost. The cost may include the shipping cost, which ensures the product will be there at your doorstep in the perfect way. Shipping cost also includes the packaging cost, box & shipping fee. Depending on the location, the manufacturer may charge sales tax. However, if you order a handpan from an international country, they will ask for charges for customs duties.

So, are you investing the right amount to buy a handpan?

So, after going through the above factors, what are you thinking about? Are you paying the right amount? Do you determine the right handpan cost? Well, it depends upon multiple factors. The price of the handpan is subjective and includes many things to understand. Before paying the cost, ensure it is worth it regarding the quality and sound. The quality-made handpan costs between $1,200 and USD 3,500 per market value.


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