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How The Handpans Made, And Why do They Sound So Amazing?

How The Handpans Made, And Why do They Sound So Amazing?

Want to know how the handpans are created and from which material they are made? Most of us have seen the handpans but do you know how these are made off? The resonance and dynamics of the handpan describe why it sounds so amazing. Many people like you are fascinated to know more about handpans and their harmonics. This blog brings some interesting facts about handpans and handpan makers

The craftsman or handpan makers have high demand in the market because of the demand for this instrument. This instrument has been taking place slowly and steadily in the global market. Handpan is a traditional instrument crafted with the original and patented hang. The detailing of the handpans is crafted in a naturalistic way. It is made with closely protected methods that are crafted most beautifully. 

Most of the handpans are designed between 45-60cm in diameter. The handpans are designed in raw/regular steel or stainless steel. When you reach the online market, you can cover a bunch of handpans which vary depending on the thicknesses and qualities. The handpans have consisted in 2 ways one is shell glued, and another is convexly designed. Here are a few elements used for crafting the handpan and how handpan makers craft this.

Elements that are used for making handpan:

Shell is an element that can be either be used in the form of Spun or Rolled, hand-sunk, or Hydroformed shape. The hand-sunk shells are crafted with a manual hammer. It takes thousands of strikes to make the half-shell. Crafting this needs lots of time and strong effort. This is the most important element which is used in the crafting of handpan instruments. The main goal of using this element is to produce a truly unique sound. It also improves the appearance of the instrument.

Next is spun shell, which is made up of a metal disc. This is a special tool that is held against the disc. It is formed in the shape of a bowl that makes the element spin round. This is the specially adapted element that is used during the manufacturing of handpans. Apart from these, some more spun shells like deep-drawn shells are also used. It can give the extra advantage of the disc to protect it from sleep. It ensures that the distribution of metal is in the right way. 


If you want to know the complete manufacturing process of these instruments, you can check the internet. The popularity of hang pans has the popularity of handpan makers in the market. The rich resonance and the overtone music production are the reason for its popularity. If you are a musical nerd, then this blog will be helpful for you. If you are fascinated by the terms of handpan and want to play it, you can buy it online.


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