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Instrument de musique Handpan : tout ce qu'il faut savoir sur

Instrument de musique Handpan : tout ce qu'il faut savoir sur

Handpan Musical Instrument: All To Know About

A handpan musical instrument is a musical tool that captivates the listener with a robust hypnotic draw and has a unique vibe to its tone. This tool stays elusive in its acquisition. It drew its origins from the metallic drum's circle of relatives emulating the conventional metallic pans of the Caribbean Islands.

History Of Handpan To Know About:

The records of the handpan may be traced lower back to the metallic pan, and drum units evolved in Trinidad and Tobago in the 1940s. Of course, this specific metallic circle of relatives of units has a unique sound that right away transports you to the Caribbean Islands. The handpan might be considered a cousin to the metallic drum. The unique idea for the handpan evolved in 2001 through the PANArt enterprise in Bern, Switzerland, and is known as a "Hang." 

Already a metallic pan producer for over a decade, they had been poised to satisfy the request of musician Reto Weber who desired a device much like a metallic drum. However, that might be performed with the arms instead of conventional mallets. Thus, the "Hang" turned into a born. Handpan musical instruments became the extra not unusual call in 2007 as extra producers positioned their spin on the way to constructing a satisfactory device. Handpan records can be short. However, with its recognition developing rapidly, people count on it to be around for a long time.

Working Principle Behind Handpan:

The working of a handpan musical instrument tuner is to take a rough-hewn tone subject and exactly manage the steel to convey three awesome frequencies into alignment. The perfect alignment of many of the frequencies produces a good-sounding observation. The dating of many frequencies on a given pan might also differ; however, in trendy, every observation resonates with an essential tone, an octave, and a compound fifth. This specific and carefully administered talent achieved with hammers creates the matchless sound you characteristic to the handpan. 

What creates the precise sound is regular sympathetic vibrations of the repeating frequencies located inside the notes throughout the device. That wealthy chorus-like impact is quite precise to the handpan. However, it has to be well-tuned for that to happen.


Handpan is a very popular musical instrument in the Caribbean countries. There is not much history of the handpan due to its fairly new invention, and the working principle of a handpan is fairly simple. 


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