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Grab The Right Accessory To Place Your Handpan

Grab The Right Accessory To Place Your Handpan

The urge to learn a unique quality is a normal human tendency. The generation of music has evolved over a long period with the invention of new musical instruments. Handpan is a musical instrument played by hands for melody production and percussion. It is mainly used to play intricate music with melodic and percussive features. The Handpan Builder building professional handpans usually produce a sound that has harmonizing properties and helps calm the mind and body. But sometimes, they are incorrectly referred to as "hand drums" or "hang drums," regrettably, handpans are not drums. Drums are membranophones, while handpans are idiophones. Handpans are played differently from drums because they are played with gentle touches with fingers rather than hard hits.

How Can You Place The Handpan Appropriately?

No matter which instruments you play, including a few essential accessories is crucial to help you safeguard and enhance your playing experience. Handpan isn't an exception. Peek at accessories that you should have beside your handpan.

  • Handpan Stand

The handpan stand at standing height is attractive and unique. The contemporary wood design by Handpan Builder building professional handpans will look elegant in your home or studio. The stand provides exceptional stability, allowing you to play at any tempo or momentum you desire. You can have the usefulness of working with a solid and adjusted base to protect your handpan. The stand provides exceptional support and adds more glory to the handpan.

  • Snare Stand

With your handpan, you can use the snare drum stand while posing down. Even though many snare drum stands can be used with handpans, all hardware for snare drums works the same way. Choose one that is sturdy and well-constructed. Additionally, choosing a frame with arms that can be locked into a taller "v" arm position and pushed up or down is crucial. This will enable you to change the stand to fit any profundity or level of handpan. If adequately adjusted, the instrument can rest on the rubber tips rather than the metal support arms.

  • Sounds Inspiring

The handmade, slim, portable stands fold comfortably and lie flat for storage or transportation. You can avail both standing and sitting down features of it. With the locking leg version, it can have the standard height. However, the legs may sway slightly if you play fast or harder, but this is usually not a concern.

  • Hard Cases And Soft Cases

Different kinds of cases can help carry the handpan easily. It can provide a secure cover for the instrument. The hard cases provide anti-scratch properties with a soft inner layer to protect the instrument from the inside, whereas the soft case is made out of soft and special foam to keep it protected.


Utilizing these accessories will help to store and protect the musical instrument appropriately. Handpan Builder building professional handpans offer high-quality products to keep your instrument safe and sound. Remember to acknowledge the size and features of the accessories so that they can be better served for the instrument.


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