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Choose The Best Type Of Handpan Scale To Get The Best Quality Of Music

Choose The Best Type Of Handpan Scale To Get The Best Quality Of Music

Have you recently started playing handpan? But the handpan you use for playing is not yours; instead, it belongs to your teacher, and whenever you decide to go to your musical classes, you can only play your handpan. However, after long music sessions and thorough research about different handpans, you found out that the scales on handpans are not limited to one type. Instead, they are available in a wide range of choices in the market.

So, because of that fact, you want to try out some new scales of cheap handpans and give yourself the taste of their unique sound or music coming out from them. But if you don't know what type of scale you want to buy which would be more suited to your taste. Then, we have put together a list of different scales for cheap handpans from which you can choose to buy depending on your preference: -

  • Celtic minor scale

Celtic minor scale handpan is considered one of the popular choices of scales for cheap handpans, and it is traditionally an essential part of the Dorian mode of handpan category. That is to say, the Celtic minor handpans sixth note is the most tensed, dark, and light note in this type of scale.

Yoga teachers, therapists, and different healers prefer this scale for them due to its calm, serene, and soothing variation of music.

  • Kurd minor scale

The Kurd minor scale is one of the popular choices for handpan scales, which fall under the category of the full minor scales. Due to its mysterious and medieval-looking nature, it doesn't fall under the group of cheap handpans.

Arab musicians popularly use it as they suit their taste in music and song categories. Kurd minor scales are known for producing some of the best dark, tensioned, positive, or motivating sounds, depending on how you play them.

  • Aeolian minor scale

The Aeolian minor is more or less the same compared to the Kurd minor scale, and it is a natural minor scale and is known for offering everything a full minor scale of handpan does. This type of minor scale is popular for exerting a feeling of diversity and motivation to explore various other scales of handpans out there.

  • Hijaz minor scale

If you want to play some suspenseful, compelling, and chilling music, then no other scale of handpan would be better than the Hijaz minor scale. The Hijaz minor scale is known for producing some exotic horror sounds and can also give wings to a spicy mix of romantic music. They are most popular in parts of the Middle East and also be heard in some of their movies as background music.


These are some of the few types of scales mentioned above in the article, which can hopefully help you buy the right one depending on your taste in music and how you play those handpans.


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