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AsTeman: Ending Your Search For A Handpan

AsTeman: Ending Your Search For A Handpan


Of the many musical instruments that we find around us today, one of the lesser known is the handpan.

Unlike the guitar or the classic piano, this is not something you are going to find in every musical band or group.

Nevertheless, the handpan is becoming very popular today because of the kind of notes that it is known to provide, giving you an ethereal and captivating sound

Do you want to know more? Then, let us begin with a brief look at the handpan history

Handpan and Hang History: How It All Began

Handpan and hang history goes back to the Stone Age. Now, you did not know that, did you? Well then, that was something new for you.

However, the modern handpan that we see on musical websites today is mainly an invention by two Swiss artists, namely Felix Rohner and Sabina Schrarer, and has a history of not more than a few decades.

And the new instrument is now more popular as the hang, than the handpan.

How the Hang Was Sold

Here is another interesting fact. The new hang didn’t begin its journey by finding its place on the shelves of stores.

Instead, customers who desired the instrument would send a letter to the two creators, Rohner and Scharer, who would choose and invite a few of these to attend a workshop in Switzerland to buy the handpan.

This way, they also received all the training they needed in playing and caring for this precious instrument.

However, time went by, and the hang became more popular, as the two founded their company in the 2000s, requests began to pour in, and the growing demand became increasingly hard to meet.

You see, the company produced only a hundred instruments each year but was receiving requests from more than a hundred people over the growing years.

Buy A Handpan Today From As Teman

And so, today, you have various other companies also producing the hang, which is to the rest of the world, an easy solution.

Of these, one is As Teman, a company that was founded on being inspired by this unique and beautiful instrument and the sound that it gives its users.

Founded about a decade ago in the year 2010 this is one of the most famous musical instruments companies that you too can approach if you are looking to buy a handpan.

Here, we too conduct some of the most lively and enjoyable events for sharing and training where enthusiasts can all come together. Apart from this, As Teman, also provides some of the most effective consulting and purchasing services so that you enjoy nothing less than the best when you come to us.

So, if you are interested, you are always welcome to come over and join us, to buy a handpan for yourself on receiving all the training and inspiration that you will get from us.

Then, you can go home and enjoy playing the handpan, making your music more beautiful with the sound you learned to create during your brief time with us.


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