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Aspiration initiale d'AS TEMAN

Aspiration initiale d'AS TEMAN

Our Initial Aspiration:

You may have been attracted to an ethereal and beautiful sound for the first time like ten years ago, and couldn't forget the sound till now. It’s deep in your heart. You learned that it came from a young and energetic musical instrument called “handpan” afterward. It's remembered like the name of a lover. You were eager to touch and play it in nature at that time but were discouraged by its high price, rarity, and low supply.

Us AS TEMAN collaborators also have a similar experience. Because China has no reliable handpan makers, several young people who love music and handpan gathered together as “AS TEMAN” today to overcome the difficulties through learning and independent innovation. With superior quality, affordable pricing, and unique styles, we focus on making the handpan to be a musical instrument that everyone can enjoy and a healing artifact that accompanies people's daily entertainment and vacation.

Many buyers expressed their opinions on various platforms: "It is AS TEMAN that allows them to easily and truly feel the sound they have been dreaming of for more than 10 years." Yes, the sound of a handpan has saved countless depressed and exhausted people. And now our dream is also gradually being realized, that is, make everyone who loves handpan meet the sound of the soul! 

Blessing us!


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