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¿Qué es un tambor de lengua de acero?

¿Qué es un tambor de lengua de acero?

There’s music all around us, in the air, in our soul, and the world is filled with it. The tongue drums, also known as tank drums, or steel tongue drums, are an excellent choice to begin your journey into music. They are simple to play and sound stunning, which is the main reason for their popularity. This article will tell you all about the Tongue Drum or Steel Tongue Drum.

What is a Tongue Drum?

A tongue drum, sometimes known as a Steel tongue drum, the tank drum, or the hank drum, is relatively new to the idiophone family of percussion instruments. Tongue drums are percussion instruments constructed from propane cylinders and are becoming increasingly popular in 2000 due to their soothing sounds, ease of playing mobility, and unique UFO-like appearance. 

It is a unique instrument perfect for anyone simply wishing to try something new that is trendy and buzzing. The instrument’s vibrating action creates resonance sounds and intensifies the vibes. This percussion produces a distinctive and memorable sound, and one wonders, “Why have humans not developed the instrument earlier?”

What scales can be played on Steel Tongue Drums?

The most well-known scales for tongue drums are the diatonic scale and the chromatic scale. The pentatonic scale is an instrumental scale with five notes per one octave. D major and minor scales are used for the majority of notes. The chromatic scale is one of the twelve-tone scales that have 12 pitches. 

How to play the Tongue Drums?

Tongue drums can be played by hand or by using mallets/sticks. Both have their pros and cons in their ways of playing. The tongue drum will likely sound louder when you use mallets or Sticks. Certain people would rather play the tongue drums with their hands. Place the note with the lowest pitch closest to your body to play the tongue drum for better sound. You can also put the drum on your lap and climb up your scale circular, beginning on the left side.


What makes tongue drums so impressive is the feeling that a person can experience while playing and listening to serene melodies. The weight and size of the tongue drum determine the sound and the pitch of the notes. If you do a little practice each day, you’ll eventually be able to adhere to patterns for drumming, rhythm music and can even compose music of your own. In the beginning, practicing and playing around is the key.


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