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Conociendo los Hang Drums en detalle

Conociendo los Hang Drums en detalle

Knowing About Hang Drums In Details

The term hang drum began as a misnomer for a musical tool or "sound sculpture" known as a Hang. Currently, grasp drum is likewise unsuitably implemented as a synonym for handpan. In November 1999, tool developers Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer created the primary Hang prototype in Bern, Switzerland. Hang means "hand" inside the Bernese German language and is pronounced, "hung or hong." 

The Hang Drum Model Design:

Talking about the Hang Drum for Sale, the improvement of the Hang commenced after years of studies on the making of, tuning, and growing unique metals for the steelpan. Also contributing to the Hang's beginning became the observation of Gongs, Gamelan, Ghatam, Udu, drums, and bells. The sound sculpture has a peculiar "UFO shape" resulting from gluing half-shells of deep drawn, nitrated metallic her on the rim. 

The tool's interior is a hole, and then out of doors has notes and tone fields hammered into them. The pinnacle shell has a middle word, and this is surrounded with the aid of using 7-9 tone fields. The backside shell has a tuned port targeted at the backside. The notes and tone fields are normally performed with finger moves that may be dynamic without competitive force.

Modern Hang Drum Details:

Talking about Hang Drum for Sale, the Hang handpan is extremely in demand. The handiest round of 4500 was created earlier than PANArt stopped generating them and moved on to different projects. As the unique handpan, Hang is in excessive call for and constrained supply. The HANG has to be an alternatively elusive and costly tool to own. The charge at which the Hang was produced turned into prolific compared to handpan manufacturing today. A brief study of this video indicates simply how quickly Felix may want to hammer a PANArt Hang into shape. 

The video of a unique PANArt Hang Drum being made is a real perception of the genius of the advent of this tool. Whilst more modern handpans could have extra notes to be had for play and be extra flexible for musical advent, there's nonetheless something very appealing approximately the unique Hang Drum for Sale


The hang drum is a fairly modern instrument first introduced in 1999. The hang drum has a unique design, and not many people know about hang drums. This article talks about hang drums in detail and is an in-depth look into their design and utility.


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