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How To Maintain Your Handpan, To Keep It Functional For a Prolonged Period

How To Maintain Your Handpan, To Keep It Functional For a Prolonged Period

Taking care of and maintaining the musical instrument is essential to keep it functional for an extended period. A handpan is a melodic musical instrument that is mainly made up of steel. A well-made handpan delivers gentle and rhythmic styles. The most effective appeal of this instrument is that anyone can play it. No musical knowledge is required to play and enjoy a handpan; just a harmonious sense and little details will be suitable to play it expressively. Handpan is a mechanism that boosts, heals, and obtains peace for people in today's stressful lives.

Several names like hang drum, Cupola, Pantam, Sound Sculpture, UFO drums, etc., also known as Handpan. Today's interest is growing globally in Buying a Handpan because of its ethereal and enchanting sound. These instruments are rare and handcrafted and provide different functionality. The making of this instrument takes hundreds of hours and thousands of hammers. If you care for your handpan, it will look good for a long time.

How To Maintain The Handpan?

After buying a handpan, it is essential to maintain it. Here are the top 3 ways to keep your instrument operational.

  • Cleaning Of Handpan

The skin's fats, salts, and acids accumulate on the handpan's surface as you play with your hands. These ought to be eradicated with high-proof cleansing alcohol at regular intervals of the day. Cleansing spirits, for example, isopropanol, is available in each pharmacy and numerous stores to prevent your handpan from getting scratched. After cleaning, always dry it and take care of it with a microfiber cloth.

  • Oiling

After each cleaning, the handpan should be oiled. A surface that shields your pan from salts, acids, and moisture is created when laying suitable handpan care oil. This guarantees that your instrument retains its original surface appearance for a long time and contains rusting and discoloration of the material. Use a very soft microfiber cloth to cleanse your handpan to avoid scratches.

  • Eliminating Rust

Always accumulate your handpan from the case and in an arid, sterile establishment to control rust. If you live in a damp area, pay attention to it. You can also utilize oil to keep it from rusting, but you should communicate with the seller before using it. In addition, the handpan undergoes a heat treatment known as nitriding. The handpan is maintained against rust by this procedure, but it does not render them immune to rust. Steel that has been heat-treated may conceive a very porous surface. The interaction makes the handpan to be more rust-proof than others.


Each handpan must be concentrated by what lies under the material texture for its maintenance. Steel always responds to salts, moisture, acids, air, and other substances, which can cause oxidizing, corrosion, and discoloration. As a result, cleaning your handpan regularly is highly suggested. Buying a Handpan is effortless, but retaining it is a difficult chore. But with proper maintenance, the expensive musical mechanism can deliver the usefulness of keeping it secure and functional.


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