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L'ultima battaglia tra Handpan e Tongue Drum

L'ultima battaglia tra Handpan e Tongue Drum

The Ultimate Battle Between Handpan And Tongue Drum

There are different types of instruments available in today's world. The two of the most selling instruments are the handpans and tongue drums, and these two fall under the family of drums. These two instruments may seem similar to the naked eye, but there are differences. This article is here to shine a light on some of these differences.

Costing Factor For Handpan Vs. Tongue Drum:

One of the primary variations among a handpan vs. tongue drum debate is that you may note the value of proudly owning one. Tongue drums, even the very great ones, are appreciably less expensive than accurate handpans. Handpans aren't cheap; in fact, one of the maxima typically requested questions concerns the value of a handpan. There are a few handpans around to rival the tongue drum price.

However, the recommendation is to live as far away as possible. These are inferior best units as a way to go to pot in no time, and likely may be out of track and untunable on the factor of receiving them if now no longer quickly after.

Size Factor For Handpan Vs. Tongue Drum:

Talking about handpan vs. tongue drum, most handpans are round, approximately equal in length, and around 20 inches in diameter. This is dictated by the need for a positive floor region so that you can shape the tone fields required to fit the scales. The pinnacle phase will have something among 7 and 12 notes, at the same time as there may be additionally the lowest 1/2 of that incorporates the Gu hole and extra area for notes if required. 

By contrast, the tongue drum can be available in many sizes, from only a mere 5.5 inches in diameter to around 12 inches wide. Size isn't always usually decided through the variety of tongues at the drum; however, evidently, the smaller variations have trouble with the variety that is included.

Tone Factor For Handpan Vs. Tongue Drum:

This is when handpans and tongue drums fluctuate in some other very sizeable way. The tone discipline or the notes that you play will appear different. The handpan contains dimples and does not use a metallic piercing, while the metallic tongue drum tongues could be reduced into the metallic, in loads of shapes; however, because the call suggests, many are tongue-shaped.


Handpan vs. tongue drum is a long-running debate, and many music enthusiasts participate in this. There are several differences between a handpan and a tongue, and these differences range in cost, size, and tone.


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