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How Handpan Sound Therapy Heals the Body

How Handpan Sound Therapy Heals the Body

Most people believe handpan drums are only meant for playing music and can produce long, mystic, and warm sounds. However, there are other things the Handpan Asteman drums can do. They have a lot of uses and are capable of healing the body as well!

The sound they create from the vibration treats the body through sound therapy. You may not be aware that this is a quite popular sound therapy. It can help in different types of healing, apart from helping in meditation.

Spiritual Healing

Ideally, using the Handpan Asteman for sound therapy is a spiritual healing that offers several benefits, including healing someone suffering from anxiety and depression.

No matter how strange or unbelievable it sounds, this type of therapy is so successful because it is all about music, and music is easy for anyone to relate to it. There is no medication or surgery, and it does not need any other forms of traditional medical treatment.

The soothing music helps in relaxing, both physically and mentally, which is essential in today’s hectic world. It affects the mind and body in different forms.

Channeling Emotions

Handpan therapy helps move emotions in proper channels, which also helps heal the body since it keeps the mind free and fresh. The mind finds peace through music and sends a very calm and relaxing vibe to the soul.

This, in turn, helps the soul connect easily to nature. When your mind is calm and tranquil, you will be able to find the imperfection in you and your soul quite effectively.

With all these benefits on offer, it is not surprising that the Handpan Asteman drums are an inclusion in the list of equipment for sound therapy.

The Growing Interest

Over the years, sound therapy has become quite popular, and more and more people are going for it as an effective alternative to traditional treatments for depression.

Sound healing or sound therapy can help people struggling with different mental conditions that have a diverse set of effects, apart from putting them into depression.

It can help people recover from other conditions, such as:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD and others.

And, since the Handpan Asteman drums for beginners produce very calm and peaceful sound, several sound therapists and sound healers use them to treat such conditions in several therapeutic sessions.

The Sound Quality and Variance

The sound quality of the handpan drums is rich, and the notes are very clear and vibrant. The instrument can create sounds of different types, such as:

  • Hypnotic
  • Meditative

The vibrations in each case are different, just like every other thing present in this universe. It helps in establishing the proper connection with the right thing and helps the mind and body in healing.


To sum up, the handpan drums, just as sound therapy, can help the mind and body relax and heal. This keeps both fresh and active, thereby improving a person's mental and physical health.


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