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Handpans For Sale: Some Good Options for You

Handpans For Sale: Some Good Options for You

The thing about a handpan is that unlike a guitar or a keyboard that you can find in any musical store today, this one is not found just anywhere. There are places and names that you need to know to make the right purchase.

Speaking of which, now that you know of As Theman, you have arrived at the right place. But what about the names? Well; this is an article on handpans for sale, and gives you some trustworthy names that you would want to know a little more about and so, here is a brief look.

As Teman Handpan NJ Star 13 Notes D Minor

Now, this handpan from As Teman is exquisitely designed in a deep sky-blue shade for you to carry to all your shows with pride.

But it does not end with that. Coming to the more important part, the hand pan has 13 soul notes, to provide your music with an intimate and meditative quality.

This makes the handpan perfect for sound therapy and healing, but you can experiment with other kinds of music too.

The handpan belongs to the TOP collection of the As Teman series and is available online for you to have a look at.

As Teman Handpan Polaris 10 Notes D Minor Scale

This handpan from As Teman too is beautiful with a golden body to light up any stage with its presence, as you place it up there for all to see.

Now coming to the music, the handpan has an outstanding performance with a significant level of sustain that as a musician, you cannot but love.

In other words, you can be sure that this handpan can provide your music with the kind of mesmerizing quality that you are looking for, thanks to the kind of sustain you get to enjoy here.

This one, too, belongs to the As Teman TOP series and is available for sale online, so you can have a closer look.

As Teman Handpan Performer 17 Notes D Minor Scale

Now, here is a handpan from As Teman that comes with a total of 17 notes for you

This way you can experiment with more possibilities, and this makes this handpan more suitable for a professional.

In other words, if you are a beginner, this may not be the right handpan for you.

Made with high-hardness stainless steel, this handpan is sturdy and durable so if you are someone who travels a lot for your music, it may be suitable for you.

There Are More As Teman Handpans For Sale Online

So, whether it is for yourself or to gift a musician you know, AS TEMAN has some of the best handpans for sale, all of which are available online, with detailed descriptions and features that you can check to choose the one that you think is best after you have considered each and had a thorough look.

Did you know that there was once a time when buying a handpan was not so easy? Fortunately today, you can not only purchase a handpan online but also have handpans for sale, which you definitely wouldn’t want to miss at this time, would you?


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