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Handpan 432Hz: The Frequency of The Nature

Handpan 432Hz: The Frequency of The Nature

Handpan 432Hz: The Frequency of The Nature

The fans of handpan 432hz describe normal sound frequency music as "dry, dull & zombie-like." Isn't that a little too categorical? 

First reason -

It is considered to be the prior musical standard. Stradivarius violins, Egyptian instruments, and Tibetan monks' devices were set to this pitch. Orpheus, the Greek God, enchanted with his music, is said to have turned his fiddle to this frequency. 

Second reason -

It is because handpan 432hz represents the Earth's heartbeat or tune, and there's even a scientific reason for it. According to the Schumann Resonance theory, lightning that occurs between the ionosphere as well as the Earth's surface activates 8 Hz electromagnetic frequencies. 

These resonant frequencies are essentially the breath of our planet. Working from such a starting frequency of 8 Hz, we can find chord C at 128 or 256 Hz and note A at 432 Hz. As a result, it's known as "universal harmony." Only 432 can re-align you with the Earth. 

You probably know about the miraculous impact of music as a phenomenon. The 432 Hz appears to be at the top of the list, and it is said to have the ability to synchronize our brain's two hemispheres. 

This indicates the left hemisphere, which is accountable for reasoning and analysis. It collaborates with the right brain, which is involved in creativity and intuition. This increases our potential as great intellectuals, profound artists, and pure spiritual beings.

What is the best way to determine the size of the handpan? 

The size of the handpan matters a lot, at least in terms of playability, range, and comfort. Before you make a purchase, think about the following: 

  •       The total number of notes

Although there is no variation in sound quality between smaller and larger instruments, if you want more notes, lower notes, and more possibilities, you'll want a larger handpan. 

  •       Scale

Lower and more resonant scales can be achieved with larger handpans. The higher scales are usually seen on smaller handpans. ‍ 

  •       Physicality

Smaller handpans are significantly easier to handle and carry around if you have a smaller frame, are buying for a child, or have physical concerns or limits. They're also much easier to play if your arms and legs are shorter.


By lowering the pitch by just 8 Hz, we created instruments with familiar scales but with bigger power and influence. These RAV Vests help calm the body down, release negative energy, and put you into a natural, peaceful, and pure state of mind. It removes the weight from your soul, clarifies thoughts, and unites the body and consciousness. 

The handpan 432hz is useful because it makes your whole body vibrate in fractal harmony with the spiral sound matrix of the DNA, which represents life itself.


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