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Get The Best Stainless Steel Handpan Now

Get The Best Stainless Steel Handpan Now

Get The Best Stainless Steel Handpan Now

There are hundreds of different stainless steel alloys. Stainless steel is an alloy made up of various components. It gives resistance to corrosion by keeping the iron content from oxidizing. Chromium is the most common element in stainless steel alloys. The amount of chromium in an alloy varies a lot from one to another. 

The main attribute of chromium is its resistance to corrosion & rust. Chrome oxide acts as a protective barrier against oxygen & humidity. As a result, this alloy is impervious to both air and water. 

What's the difference between the handpan and the drum? 

Many of the sound qualities of handpans are determined by the construction methods rather than the material. However, when contrasted with nitrided steel, it's safe to conclude that stainless steel has the following properties: 

  • Timber/tone: brighter/more open
  • Sustain: longer, Bigger dynamic range
  • Amplitude: higher Less “ceramic.”

 Are stainless steel handpans reliable? 

It's a fallacy that stainless steel isn't stable, and stability is considerably more dependent on the maker's skills and processes than on the material itself. However, this does not imply that all stainless instruments are stable. However, this does not imply that all nitrided instruments are! 

If a maker wants to manufacture stainless steel items, they must learn how to manage the material appropriately. Rather than simply using the same methods for other materials. This is how the rumor of its instability began, and it took a long time to disprove it because most people were skeptical. 

Regardless of the material, dealing with a reputable/reliable manufacturer is always a good idea. 

Why is a huge number of people utilizing it? 

There's a chance there's a dash of following the latest fad. We can't speak for everybody, but we feel that makers simply want to explore new possibilities and provide customers with various sound textures. 

Stainless steel is extremely robust and provides significant benefits in preserving your instrument from the elements. Finally, we can confidently state that the "stability myth" has been debunked, and we've seen an increasing number of handpans constructed from this material. 

What is the best way to care for a stainless steel handpan? 

This is a key point to remember: stainless steel is far more corrosion-resistant than ordinary steel, but it is not impervious. It should be maintained similarly to all other handpans, with the exception that it does not require as much lubrication/waxing. 


The essential thing is to wipe it down with a dry cloth to remove any moisture or salts after each use. Of course, you should contact your device manufacturer for much more specific instructions, as guidance varies.


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