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Benefits of Meditation Handpan Music

Benefits of Meditation Handpan Music

Meditation handpan has grown in popularity and prominence in the twenty-first century, & sound healing (also known as audio healing) is no exception. 

People became conscious of music's capacity to heal in recent decades & began to employ it extensively. However, sound and vibrations can have a positive effect on mental health, and they can be utilized as a therapeutic aid. Sound therapy is a type of therapy that is based on vibration, resonance, & frequency science. Each sound/note has its vibration & frequency, which humans can detect. 

How Meditation handpan helps in healing -

The handpan has been one of the greatest options for sound therapy since it has a high resonance and its sounds radiate in all directions due to its convex shape, filling the room with vibration & resonance all at once. 

The handpan is one of the rare pieces tuned with a 1:2:3 frequency ratio, which implies that each note has three frequencies when played. In sound healing, the frequency ratio is crucial. 

Perception & sense: 

Researchers discovered that when the human brain hears a frequency ratio, it prefers simplifying it. Because the frequency of a Handpan is as simple as it gets, it has a powerful therapeutic effect on the human brain. The signal frequency your ears receive and relay to your brain conveys a sense of calm and security. 

Handpans' vibrations can also be used for healing. Entrainment in music occurs when an object is in motion at a given frequency; for example, when a Handpan beats near a human body, the object with lesser vibration (human body) begins to vibrate at the same intensity as the strong vibrator after a short time (handpan). 

As a result of this phenomenon, the Handpan can energetically and physically relieve us from the stress and tension that we have stored in our bodies. 

What is the mechanism of the Meditation handpan? 

The Meditation handpan is an idiophone, a musical instrument that produces sound primarily by its vibration rather than using airflow, strings, stretched membrane, and electricity. Handpans are always made up of two convex steel parts that are bonded together, notwithstanding modest variations in design. 

While this configuration eliminates some options, it also makes things simpler for somebody new to begin playing & improvising relatively freely because there are no "bad" notes from such a harmonic standpoint. 


This instrument produces soft mallet-like notes with many harmonics when played with your hands. Depending on the portion of the hand used and precisely where the material is struck, the acoustic impedance can vary in tone and sustain. 

Whereas each instrument can only play one scale, it is feasible to set up many handpans with complementary scales and perform them all simultaneously.


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