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Are Hang Drum & Handpan The Same Instruments?

Are Hang Drum & Handpan The Same Instruments?

Like all the other people or musicians who have recently started to play handpans or have shown an interest in playing them, get troubled with finding an answer to one common question are hang drums and handpans the same thing, or are they different from each other?

If you are also looking for this answer, you should not look for it anymore because we have just put together this article. This article will clear your confusion regarding hang drums and handpans and the reasons it can convey to help you understand that they are the same musical instrument with different names called interchangeably.

What is a hang drum?

The handpan and hang drum are the same product produced by the same developer who decided to patent the name differently. But, after a while hangs drum became quite a popular instrument in the market, resulting in its price high and limited supply of the items. Although handpans stayed as a household name and product due to their wide range of capabilities, hang drum didn't lose their charm and attractiveness until now.

What is the difference between the pricing of handpan and hang drum?

If you are looking for a hang drum of good quality and originality, it would cost you a fortune at the very least. But if you are looking for a regular handpan, you can find the right one for you at an affordable price. On the other hand, if you are looking for a second-hand hand pan or hang drum, you quickly choose to buy it even if you possess the lowest of budgets.

After learning what hang drums are and the price they would be available to buy from the market. Let us look at some of the generations of hang drums there acquire: -

  • The first-generation hang drum.

The first-generation hang drum was the most original and expensive out of all the other generations of hang drums on the market. These first-generation hang drums are the next popular category for anybody looking for an alternative to buying handpans.

  • Second generation hangdrums

The second generation of hang drums was developed quite differently compared to the first generation of hang drums, and they came with a new brass finish, looking more dashing than their counterpart. For most musicians, the second-generation hang drums became the more attractive choice in the market.

  • Integral hang drum

The integral hang drum is one of the current categories of hang drums in the market. They were designed with a stricter model or structure and had only one tuning available compared to the other types mentioned above. This hang drum type also contained a dark design brass coating.


Hopefully, after reading the above article, we have clarified the confusion between handpans and hang drums by giving some reasons for supporting the claim.


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